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SandTimer, edited by Lorigami, provides its apps under a freeware license (see the included file). You are basically granted the right to use them indefinitely and for free, for any legal purposes. We retain all copyrights on the software. You may freely redistribute our apps but may not modify or sell them. We offer no guarantee on availability or malfunction and will assume no liabilities for the use of our programs. By using SandTimer, you accept the terms of this license. Our applications don't include any advertising and don't collect any personal data. We do use Google's services to collect anonymous data for statistic purposes only. SandTimer includes elements from other creators:

Fonts and icons by Stephen Hutchings, Dave Gandy, Aristeides Stathopoulos, Daniel Bruce, MFG Labs, Vic Fieger, Plainicon, Pixel perfect, Smashicons and Freepik from flaticon.com. Images by Pexels, Pixabay, jannoon028, iStock/oneinchpunch, Freetextures. Sounds by CGEffex, anamorphosis, timdrussell, Benboncan, isteak, Sandermotions, adriann, HerbertBoland, TheZero, SoundEffectsPodcast_com, Cidon, sirplus. vx.x.x